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All Christians share common beliefs but there are different branches of Christianity. These include:. Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God. This all happened over years ago. There is very little written about Jesus as a child, but at the age of 30 he travelled for three years teaching people about God and healing the sick. Wherever Jesus went, people came to listen to him and to ask for his help.

He seemed to have a special interest in the sick and the poor. Jesus chose 12 men to travel with him and be his special companions; they became knows as his disciples. Jesus went to Jerusalem with his disciples during the Jewish Passover festival.

It was there that he was arrested and sentenced to death. This is known as blasphemy. Jesus shared a final meal with his disciples where he tried to warn them about what was going to happen to him. This became known as The Last Supper. Jesus shared around bread and wine; the bread was to symbolise his body and the wine his blood.

Jesus was crucified, which meant he was nailed to a wooden cross and left to die. The cross is a very important Christian symbol: it reminds Christians of how and why Jesus died.

How did Christianity begin?

Jesus was buried in a tomb but three days later, the tomb was found empty. This is known as the resurrection , which means Jesus had risen from the dead. Jesus is believed to have appeared before his disciples before finally going up to heaven to be reunited with God.

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His journey into heaven is known as the ascension. Christians believe that Jesus sacrificed or gave up his own life in order to save all those who followed and believed in him.

Christianity for Kids

Christians believe that God is kind and loving and is always ready to forgive people for doing wrong as long as they are truly sorry and promise to follow God. It is the belief of many Christians that when they die, they will go to heaven to be with God and Jesus. The Eucharist is the main religious ritual in many churches. The word means thanksgiving and during the service bread and wine are shared, just as they were in the Last Supper. People are welcomed into the Christian faith by a baptism ceremony, sometimes when they are a baby a time to promise God that the baby will be brought up as a Christian and sometimes when they are an adult and make the promises for themselves.

The two main Christian festivals are Easter and Christmas. Christmas is when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Easter marks the death and resurrection of Jesus and is the most important Christian festival.

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Try some Christian arts and crafts ideas and Bible activities for children. Explore a traditional church in an interactive film and find out what some of the objects in it are. Friends and Heroes is a series of animated children's Bible Stories which includes characters from the Old and New Testament. Watch a video in which a Christian explains his belief system to aliens, then answer quiz questions to show off your knowledge of Christianity.

Lots of information about Christianity can be found on this BBC page. See where in the world most Christians live in this map of world religions. A guide to Christian festivals and dates in the year. Only I can atone for my own wrongdoings and harmful actions. If I abuse my wife, I need to make amends in order to earn her forgiveness.

Does he require a blood sacrifice, like some pagan ogre? This can cause children to feel smug, superior, self-righteous, judgmental, and to look down upon and condemn others — be they kids on the schoolyard, neighbors, or even relatives. It is not. It is natural, normal, and healthy. And pleasurable. Teaching children to feel guilty or ashamed of masturbating, teaching them that doing so is disapproved of by a son-slaying God, and can even land them in hell — this is all nonsense, but more than that, potentially abusive.

I would certainly not argue that all forms or manifestations of Christianity are harmful; I myself attended a progressive Episcopalian Christian summer camp every year of my childhood — and loved every minute it. The camp was full of smiles, warmth, and water fights, with nary a word about devils or sins to be heard. But we know all this. The notion that Christianity is good for kids has been trumpeted for centuries, virtually unchallenged and uncontested. As a secular parent, I believe that we need to talk more openly about the potential harm Christianity can do to kids — not just the potential good.

I'm sorry, I got through a couple of our bullet points and realized that you're extremely biased. No hate, but I simply don't think you know very much about Christianity, and you're so obviously against it which I guess is the premise of the article that you can't see that the idea behind Christianity is not violence, evil, and hate; it's love. I see a lot more hate, violence, and evil in secular culture than in Christian culture - and by Christian I mean actively following Christ, not just saying that they are, which is the majority of Americans.

All respect to you, though, I can see that you're a smart guy. Perhaps your idea of Christianity is one of love, but what makes your version THE version of Christianity.

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I think what Zuckerman is arguing is that regardless of what Christianity might be 'supposed' to be, the way that it is taught to millions of people has been harmful. You are born evil, you have a chance at redemption because an all-loving god tortured and slayed his son, you ought to be fearful of the devil, and eternal torture awaits when you give in to some of the basic human desires, such as sex before marriage.

This doesn't even mention how much more traumatic it must be if the indoctrinated person is gay--he or she might as well be double-damned. Perhaps your version of Christianity is benign and should be celebrated, I do not know, but wouldn't this put you in accordance with Zuckerman's criticism of harmful versions? I think you could use to worry less about who wrote a criticism and more about whether or not what they say is true. If Charles Manson said that love is an important part of life would you disagree simply because of who he is?

All you need to ask yourself is whether or not you find these teachings--employed by many Christians--to be harmful? If yes, then you should stand in agreement in curbing their spread, and if not then you need to demonstrate that they are not in fact harmful. Now I wonder what Mr. Zuckerman was talking about. If your child sees someone tortured to death and you cannot explain it, thats up to you not the artist? Why don't you tell the story of the artist?

Should you raise your kids religious? Here’s what the science says

I also don't see why you want Christianity to be other than the Biblical ideal which the first century Church practised. That is what we all aspire to. If you see the less than spiritual piety which is sanctimonious and you criticise it then it is because you know its phony and there's something better. There is nothing harmful about what I learnt as a child in Christianity. Understanding the Bible in context is better than what most Atheists think. God did not sacrifice His Son. We sacrificed Him.

This is what the Prophets wrote.