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It has to be magical, Joanne figures. But she still has crazy dreams that hit her every time she closes her eyes. Are they being sent by Coyote, her still-missing spirit guide?

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The messages just aren't clear. Somehow Joanne has to wake up her sleeping friends while protecting those still awake to figure out her inner-spirit dream life and come to terms with these other dreams she's having about her boss. Review from This is a series I read when I want a well written book, not too deep, with genuine characters. I began reading one of the novels without realizing that there had been a novella published between it and the previous one, and found myself well and truly confused. Walking Dead definitely is not a good starting point for the series!

While a new reader wouldn't necessarily be completely lost, she would miss far too much of the magic.

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Aug 28, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: zombies , uf , audio-book , , listened-to-at-work , , magic , ghosts. I really like this series in a large part due to the heroine Joanne. The best thing about her is that she doesn't see herself as a hero. Just a normal person who is blundering her way through being a shamin after it was thrust on her.

I love how when she learns something she is excited to share it with others only to find out they already know. Her always wanting a supernatural handbook to catch up cracks me up!! This was a great book for her as she has accepted and embraced being a s I really like this series in a large part due to the heroine Joanne. This was a great book for her as she has accepted and embraced being a shamin.

During the course of the book while hunting the big bad she is faced with other alternate realities based on what she could have decided. This scene in the book was fasinating to me. She saw herself and how things would have been with each chaging decision. In the end though I think she came to the right train of thought that while some of those would have been good, she is right where she wants and needs to be with her life. The opening Halloween party scenes were great, you could just see Joanne there being all uncomfortable, then not really caring.

Her family by choice steps in and comes to the rescue in the end. Dec 17, Ana rated it liked it. Better than the others I guess but still hasn't achieved all of its glorious potential The main character is evolving but still makes so damn many mistakes. At least she agrees with me that she's not a bright girl! Anyway I liked this one better probably just because the lord master of the Wild Hunt graced us with his presence I mean, really?

The guy is a GO Meh. The guy is a GOD. Raw power. And she just smiles! One either gets into a fighting stance or hides behind something sturdy Specially when he tried to kill you, what, three or four times already! I'm really surprised she survived this long It's like defying the rules of nature I don't know. In any case, it means something is wrong when a reader actually wants to kill a main character right? View all 6 comments. Feb 20, Anita rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-mystery , urban-fantasy , zombie , magic. This is the 4th book in an urban fantasy series about a reluctant shaman.

She's half Native American, a mechanic by vocation, and recently promoted to a police detective to handle the woo-woo cases. This book starts with her throwing her first party ever, but it gets crashed by ghosts.

Then she and her partner get called into a murder case involving the theft of an ancient death cauldron. As usual, there is magic and travel to other planes of mystical existence. Eventually, there are zombies. The tone of this series is inviting and interesting, but after four books, I still don't love the characters enough to worry about them, so I like it, but not love it. Sep 13, Donna rated it really liked it.

You would think a Halloween party would be a relatively safe event but not when Joanne Walker is the host' the undead crash the party. If that isn't enough, she and her partner get called into a murder that involves someone having stolen a magic cauldron that is purported to have the ability to bring the dead back to life. If you haven't read any of Murphy's urban shaman series, you are in for a treat but watch out as they are addicting.

May 15, Kathy Davie rated it really liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy. Fourth in the Walker Papers urban fantasy series revolving around Joanne Walker. And barely longer as a shaman. After events in Coyote Dreams , 3, Joanne has gotten more introspective about her perspective in childhood. Ooh, Seattle history lesson…hey, I like history! Keeps that level of realism up, lol. Do NOT try to save your insurance company money. Yep, he knows Joanie all right.

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Although, it was a clever idea. Poor Thor. Oh, no. Eeewww…zombie squirrels chewing on your foot??!

Coyote Dreams

It was stupid. I could see her freaking out, but not to this extent. I knew it! Is this going to be a trend throughout the series? We each do carry our own reality around with us, and it does relate to our past experiences, our height, weight, looks, and more. None of which makes your reality or mine any less real or true. The Story Omigod!

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Joanne is giving a party. A Halloween party with dancing, costumes skimpy costumesand party activities.

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Who knew bobbing for apples could be so incredibly dangerous? The Characters Officer Joanne Walker , a. Coyote , her not-quite-a spirit guide, had convinced a younger Joanne that change is an essential for a shaman. Detective Billy Holliday is her partner and cross-dressing friendhe and his very-pregnant wife, Melinda, had great costumes.

Jen Gonzales is in charge of Missing Persons. Nick is her former boss. Ayita was born second; Aidan was born first. Suzanne Quinley , a little girl who can see into the future and wield the wild magic, is the only survivor of her earthbound family although her grandfather, Cernunno, is still alive after events in Urban Shaman. Cernunno , a. The leader is his immortal son, the Young Rider. Museum of Cultural Arts Saul Sandburg is the museum director. Jason Chan and Archie Redding are the security guards. Meghan is one of the staffers. The Cauldron of Matholwch , a. It comes with its own built-in protections.